Quest and Prance’s TEDDY


TEDDY – Stud Service Available

We offer stud services to responsible and well-researched pet owners as well as veteran breeders.  Our studs are health tested and both have been approved to breed.  Both Poodles are up to date on vaccinations, have healthy hips as confirmed through veterinary PennHip testing and their DNA is 100% cleared by Wisdom Panel Premium. 

Our fee is $2,500 CAD. Plus HST.  Insemination services additional if needed for Penderwick– each collection/ insemination is $100.

We do require proof of progesterone testing to avoid any needless guesswork and stress on both the dam and sire.  This is a simple test that can be performed at any veterinary clinic and your vet will be able to tell you the best days for breeding.  Your dam is welcome to stay here for two nights and three days unless you prefer to bring your dam separately for each breeding session. 

It is very important to us that all puppies sired by either Poodle are loved and go to quality forever homes.  Please expect a screening process prior to having your dam approved to breed. 

You are most welcome to contact LeeAnn at to further discuss breeding expectations and plans.