Breed Info

The notDSC_0516able intelligence, beauty and strong physical constitution of a well-bred Goldendoodle deserves respect and admiration.  Purebred Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles have earned their reputation as hearty, friendly, and intelligent breeds and have long been respected by every major licensing kennel world-wide.  Standard Poodles were used with great success as working dogs in World War II, and their non-shedding coat is appreciated by many allergen sufferers.  Standard Poodles, along with Golden Retrievers, have been renowned for their ability to serve as therapy and service canine companions.  Our Standard Poodle, Lulu, excels in her role as a therapy dog.  Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles are trustworthy, friendly, and loyal family companions.  To cross these two well respected breeds makes perfect sense in creating a well-tempered and genetically superior family companion.  The hybrid vigour that is achieved in a Goldendoodle is the result of a greater genetic pool.  Well-bred Goldendoodles enjoy more physical resilience and longevity than their purebred counterparts.

You can expect a dog that is highly trainable, loves to please, and one who will much joy to you and your family!  A Goldendoodle is an active and energetic family addition and thrives when given ample opportunity to expend its energy.  Physical and mental stimulation is important for any dog and especially so when they are keenly intelligent as the Goldendoodle is known to be.  Never underestimate the joy a well-bred Goldendoodle will bring you!