Reese is a beautiful, gentle, intelligent girl . She loves her family, children and adults alike. Her favourite past time is looking out the window at squirrels, and chasing them. She is affectionate and will nudges us with her nose when she’d like something or some extra love. She’s great at communicating and understanding !
She doesn’t love to snuggle, but she loves to stay close.
She is very obedient, and she has learned quite a few new tricks since entering our home.
She is playful too. She loves fetch, and loves to take her favourite toys in her mouth and play, independently in the yard – she can entertain herself quite well. It is the cutest when she chases her tail and rubs her nose all over the ground.
She absolutely loves her raw bones, and will spend days going back to it and eating away at it. She very rarely barks, and she is loyal to her home. She loves routine and consistency, and thrives on it.
She catches on to her owners likes and dislikes so quickly, and has never shown any signs of aggression. Our toddler will play with toys and get rough at times and Reese will just move away to where she feels safe rather than show any aggression.
She loves taking walks, and she has such good manners during them! Even when she sees a squirrel.
She loves being groomed and getting lots of tummy rubs.
She greets us coming home with so much affection and the waggiest tail. She is literally the sweetest dog in town. She has no shortage of love in our home!  – Reese’s foster family

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